Kangkana Bharadwaj received her Bachelor in Electrical Engineering from Thapar University in India in 2011.

Next, she joined Reliance Industries Limited in India as an electrical maintenance engineer and worked there till 2012.

Then, she joined Katholieke University of Leuven in Belgium and and Grenoble ‘Institut National Polytechnique’ in France to obtain a dual Master degree in ‘Energy-Smart cities’ and ‘Smart Grids and Smart Buildings’ in 2014. Since graduation she has been working in the French Atomic and Alternative Energy Commission (CEA) as a research engineer in its National Institute for Solar Energy (INES).

Her field of research mainly involves modelling and simulation of photovoltaic system, energy storage systems, energy and ancillary service market together with techno-economic analysis of these systems.

Her research interests include data analysis, smart cities and next generation electrical grids.