EUROSOL P&M Gmb is an international project development and Engineering, Procurement, Construction (EPC) Company in the power generation field from renewables (mainly solar) and alternative energy sources. It is the subsidiary of EUROSOL GmbH, responsible for designing, engineering, installing and monitoring of all types of systems in Southern Europe, Middle East and Africa. It is also taking over all off-grid and hybrid systems for the whole EUROSOL group (8 subsidiaries). The group has been active since 1994 and in its present form, since 2004, has deployed over 2.500 solar systems of all types (open-space, rooftop) and all scales (commercial, industrial, utility), across Europe, Turkey and MENA region. Departing from the traditional grid-connected background, EUROSOL P&M has been very active in the designing and deploying autonomous hybrid energy systems comprising diesel gen-sets, PV, wind generators and energy storage (solar battery arrays in commercial projects and small H2 installations in test sites).


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Name: Christos Pronios
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Postal address: 57-59 Polydefkous Street, 185 45 Piraeus, Greece
Telephone number: +302104110407, 6984553888

Publications, products, services

EUROSOL P&M GmbH offers turnkey solutions for off-grid and on-grid hybrid RES powered systems. In cooperation with 1st tier equipment manufacturers (SMA, ABB, Schneider), the solutions feature continuous monitoring and load management depending on the availability of RES energy and stored energy. Current commercially operating systems feature continuous monitoring and management of 1-6 separate loads (mainly inductive and capacitive) that have the highest effect on stable system operation and energy consumption. The DSM management implemented comprises Load Shedding, Reactive Power Services and non-dynamic Frequency Response.

The systems where monitoring and DSM services have already deployed range from small purpose-built systems (remote off-grid telecom stations comprising 10-15 kWp of PV, 6.5 kW wind-gen, backup genset, 15 kW battery inverters, 82 kWh battery capacity) to large community electrification systems (150-250 kWp PV, 2*6.5 kW wind-gen, 4 diesel gen-sets totalling 850 kVA, 360 kWh battery capacity, microgrid management system).

Previous projects and activities

  • Monitoring and Active load management of hybrid systems deployed in SE Europe and the Middle East. Engineering of own monitoring and management solution that interfaces Schneider, ABB and SMA equipment to collect operation data and selectively manage loads.
  • Monitoring and active management of OTS split-type A/C units in order minimize compressor cycling and alleviate high start-up currents that overload the power supply system.
  • Systems of varying complexity have been deployed in small to large installations, such as:
    • Remote telecom stations in the Middle East
    • Remote Operations Center in the Middle East
    • Large Monastic Community micro-grid, Mount Athos – Greece

Significant infrastructure and/or any major items of technical equipment

Extensive use of Open Source software and OTS hardware with interfaces to commercial equipment for monitoring and control purposes. All systems are based on open source technologies and can interface any type of Building Energy Management System with bi-directional exchange of information and/or commands.

Over the past few years, EUROSOL has implemented a state-of-the-art energy generation and storage test beds for Renewable Energy Sources in its premises. At present, EUROSOL owns and operates a large-scale nano-grid within its own enterprise premises, which supports the basic energy needs of the facility, but also provides the regional distribution network with green and renewable energy. The current enterprise nano-grid consists of the most prominent RES systems, including roof-mounted PV modules, solar inverters, energy storage with LiFEPO4 batteries and bidirectional inverters, as well as a purpose-built PV Carport supplying energy to an Electric Vehicle Charging station. EUROSOL P&M has recently designed and deployed commercially two PV-powered EV charging stations.