FZSONICK (www.fzsonick.com) was born in 2011 as new division of FZSONICK for exploiting the challenging opportunities in the emerging field of the Energy Storage Market.The mission of FZSONICK Energy Storage Solutions is the development of storage systems based on the innovative sodium nickel chloride FZSONICK SoNick batteries, 100% recyclable, eco-compatible and suitable for any place of installation.FZSONICK Energy Storage Solutions is partner and supplier for On-Grid, Off-Grid and Micro-Grid applications with state of art competences for tailored solutions. The solutions provided are specific for the Energy Storage Market and designed for capitalizing on renewable energy sources and improving the Smart Grid Design.FZSONICK SoNick technology provides longer duration energy storage for multiple applications. Designed with a focus on safety, high availability and engineered for low cost of ownership, FZSONICK can support applications around grid resiliency, time shift, capacity, energy management, black start, standby and ancillary services.Since now, over 100 MW of FZSONICK SoNick battery technology has been deployed worldwide for Mobile, Industrial and Energy Storage applications.


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Name: Federica Brazzale
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Related projects

  • Micro-Grid for a Luxury Resort in Maldives Islands

The Maldives Luxury Resort is a private project for the construction of an eco-sustainable resort. FIAMM provided a green storage system working in a micro-grid composed of a 1.1 MWp PV Plant and a diesel GEN-SETS working a few hours per day as back-up.

The aim of the project is to contribute to the creation of an eco-building resort, strongly desired to be compatible with programs to reduce CO2 emissions.

The storage system provided by FIAMM fully blends with the eco-sustainability purpose as consisting of a containerized solution containing a range of FIAMM SoNick batteries, safe, totally recyclable and eco-friendly.

FIAMM storage solution is capable of self-managing the distribution of energy by selecting whether to draw it directly upon the photovoltaic generation – rather than from the batteries – or to produce it via the two diesel generators. This will make it possible to optimise production and distribute the energy, and limit the acoustic disturbance of the guests to a minimum. Furthermore it will make possible to use the energy accumulated in the batteries during quiet hours or at night, thereby drastically reducing noise and other types of pollution. All in all there will be more than a 60% reduction in diesel consumption.

The turn-key battery storage system is composed by an Energy Spring Container equipped with 64 FIAMM SoNick batteries.

The system is interfaced with a 1081 kWp PV system, diesel generators (2x500kVA/380kW and 2×800 kVA/550kW) and PPC (Power Plant Control).

  • Micro-Grid for Mining Application in Ollagüe, Chile with Enel Green Power

The project is aimed to create a stand-alone solution for the city of Ollagüe, by feeding the village for most of the consumptions through renewable sources supported by a storage system.The local Micro-Grid will be combined with PV, Wind Generation and Diesel Power Generation.

The aim of this international project is to ensure electricity self-sufficiency to 150 families residing in Ollagüe village that have access to electricity only during daylight hours, by using energy produced through a diesel generator.

FIAMM is the technological partner of this project by supplying a containerized turn-key solution composed by batteries, electronic&control management system of the energy flows and control system of energy storage connected to the generation plants.

The battery modules are installed inside 20ft ISO container and another 20ft. ISO container is used for the PCS for batteries and hybrid grid management. The Micro-Grid controller has to interface Wind Generation, PV Generation and diesel gen-set. The system created is flexible for future expansions and/or experimental activities: possibility to install and integrate further generators (e.g. PV trackers, CSP, Thermodynamic systems) and possibility to integrate smart meters.

The system is composed by a battery storage of about 560kWhfor a calculated power of about 200kW available bothin charge and discharge, two diesel generators of 250kW for back-up, a PV plant of 105kWp and 30kW of wind turbine. The Micro-Grid is 380Vac at 50Hz.

  • Smart Polygeneration Micro-Grid for Genova University with SIEMENS

Together with Siemens, FIAMM developed a Smart Polygeneration Micro-grid in Savona University Campus: the system is able to regulate the production and the energy consumption of the campus.

The aim of the project was to build an R&D facility test-bed for both renewable and fossil energy sources to promote joint scientific programs among University, industrial companies and distribution network operators and finally to optimize thermal & electrical energy consumptions, minimizing the CO2 emissions, the annual operating costs and primary energy use of the whole University Campus.

FIAMM ESS has provided an energy storage system made of 6 ST523 SoNick batteries. The base of PCS was a 62 kW bidirectional inverter with transformer.

The micro-grid is connected to the main grid through MV 15kV, while loads have 400Vac power supply.

  • Toucan Storage Plant with EDF

EDF ÉnergiesNouvelles has believed FIAMM was the right partner for the Energy Storage Toucan Project, due to the good results of Pure electric buses fleet in Lyon equipped with zebra battery model Z5 557 and experience on NaNiCl2 industrial batteries.

The Toucan Project integrates the Policy of Guyana to meet increasing energy demand by promoting renewable energy through photovoltaic power plants. The photovoltaic project will contribute to reach the objectives of the Grenelle of the environment and meet the growing needs for electricity of the Guyanese.

The tender was won By FIAMM ESS and NIDEC ASI France as a consortium in which FIAMM was leading.

The Storage is connected to the photovoltaic panels in the plant prepared in the area near to Montsinery, near the substation MV, in the backland of the French Guiana, whose energy will be stored by them during the day for releasing it during the night hours.

The four Energy Spring 164 and one Energy Spring 132 provided are suitable to offer a 4500 kWh storage capacity and a maximum release power towards the distribution grid of 1500kW x 3h, including: 288 FIAMM ST523 accumulators, Racks, DC cabling, DC breakers, Power electronics and Battery Management system software, PCS of 2,5MVA connected to a 20kV substation, 50Hz frequency of the grid.

  • Grid Services (Storage LAB) with TERNA- Codrongianos and Ciminna installations

TERNA gave forth a tender, whose 3 MW were awarded to solutions featuring sodium nickel chloride technology, falling within the scope of a large safety network protection and national power grid modernization plan.FIAMM Energy Storage Solutions, together with TozziSud and NidecAsi, has been awarded for the project.

The Energy Storage System provided by FIAMM founds applications for grid balancing by storing the energy generated by the power station & renewable power generators connected to it and is able to make it available at peak demand times and during voltage dips.

Energy Storage is in charge to provide networkinvestment deferral, take care about distributed generation expansion and avoid renewable energy loss of production, also depending by weather forecast support, in order to solve congestion in typical critical points of the grid or potential inefficiencies in electricity supply infrastructure.It’s also able to maximize the power capacity transport of the Power Grid, the voltage regulation on the HV line using reactive power flows through the static power electronics of Energy Storage System.

Following the first project carried out in Codrongianos, Sardinia, the massive security and modernization plan has then set its sights on Sicily, in Ciminna.

FIAMM installed, both in Sardinia and Sicily, four container FIAMM Energy Spring, each one made of 64 FIAMM ST523 battery modules, for a total of 256 batteries, to accomplish the requirements of the Technical Specification and of a conversion system DC/AC made by Nidec-ASI with a nominal power of 1.5MW, with a Local Integrated Control System (SCI –PCS Controller).