Mar 09, 2016

TILOS 12M Meeting

TILOS 12M meeting has been held successfully in Gran Canaria, February 10-12, 2016.

The second TILOS meeting was held between the 10th and the 12nd of February 2016 on the island of Gran Canaria, Spain. During the first day, a tour to El Hierro island took place in order for the participants to visit the El Hierro Wind-Hydro-Pumped Power Station, including lower reservoir, pumping station, hydro-turbines and wind farm. During the second day of the meeting, presentations and reports from different work packages were organized to update the latest progress of TILOS project. Round tables were organized in the third day regarding issues brought about and identified as important.

For details about the agenda, please click and download at Agenda_GC_Meeting_V2