Jan 28, 2019

TILOS workshop organised by ITC on 28 January 2019

On January 28th, a workshop on Hybrid Systems organized by TILOS project was celebrated in Gran Canaria (Spain). The main objective of this workshop was to inform on the TILOS project results to the main Spanish energy actors, opening also a discussion about the regulation needed in Spain to replicate RES-Storage Hybrid power plants in Spain.

The workshop was divided in two sessions, a open session with presentations about TILOS results, existing technologies and regulation. The TILOS presentations were made by Daniel Henriquez and Santiago Diaz. They presented the Tilos project results and products and Microgrid&PHS management platform respectively. During the second part of the open session SIEMEMS-GAMESA and ABB presented their technologies and worldwide experiences, mainly in Islands. The last part was focused on Regulation aspects, with the presentations of IDAE (Spanish Ministry of Ecological Transition), UNEF and AEE (main association of the solar and wind sector in Spain, respectively).

The second session was a private discussion forum composed by 25 persons representing the main actors of the energy sector in Spain: Main regulators (IDAE, CNMC and Regional Government of Canary Islands),  System Operator and TSO (REE), DSOs (ENDESA Distribution and Iberdrola), RES Generation companies ( IBERDROLA RENOVABLES, ENEL GP, ENDESA Generation) and Renewable Sector associations (AEE, UNEF, APPA, AEOLICAN and ASERPA), Retailers (ENDESA Energia and SOM Energia). In this session, all the participants had the opportunity to discuss on the needed regulation for RES-Storage Hybrid systems in Spain in order to replicate the Tilos system.