The Laboratory of Sciences for Environment belongs to the University of Corsica and is a joint research centre (UMR6134) of CNRS (National Centre of Scientific Research). Since 1981, the laboratory works on renewable energy. The main topics developed are: integration of renewable energy systems in island electrical grids (energy storage study, solar resources characterization and prediction), optimal sizing of hybrid renewable energy systems and development of solar thermal collectors with high building integration. Concerning meteorological studies and prediction, numerous works have been carried out using conventional or artificial intelligence methods for estimating solar components and predicting the solar radiation at various time horizons. These methods can be extended to other renewable sources, such as wind, and other sites. The laboratory is working on projects in the development of solar energy systems connected to isolated electrical network using various technologies of energy storage. Furthermore, a significant task of the laboratory’s projects is the global radiation prediction and therefore PV energy production within a specific time horizon. In this context, several prediction methods have been tested, such as ARMA process, Markov chains, KNN, Bayesian inferences and artificial neural networks (ANN).


Contact Person
Name: NOTTON Gilles
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Postal address: Laboratory SPE – University of Corsica – Route des Sanguinaires – F20000 Ajaccio
Telephone number: +33.626.53.03.17



Relevant projects

ISERBATURB (Integration of renewable energy systems in building and urban area) – French University Speaking Agency (AUF) and Romanian institute of atomic physic (IFA) - Romanian-Bulgarian - French Collaboration with Civil Engineering Technical University of Bucarest and Technical University of Sofia (2016-17)

BIST (Building Integration of Solar Thermal Systems) - COST action TU1205 (European Cooperation in Science and Technology). Horizon 2020 project. Manager: Pr Soteris Kalogirou, Cyprus University of Technology. www.tu1205-bists.eu (2013-17)

ECEVE (E-Learning Content for Energy Saving Farm in Vocational Education) - Leonardo da Vinci – Transfert of technology Program 2011-2012. In cooperation with Slovak University of Agriculture, Agroinstitut (Slovakia), Multimedia Sunshine Ltd (UK), Infoart (Bulgaria), Kahmaranmaras Technical and Vocational High School (Turky), Czech Technical University (2011-12)

NAPOLEON (Development of a Novel Prototype Software Tool for the Application of Optimum Energy & Water Supply Sustainable Solutions in Mediterranean Sea Islands) – Greek-French Collaboration with TEIP (2013-15)